Even after you’ve winterized your pool and it’s not in use, you still need to perform regular maintenance, such as testing your pool’s water chemistry bimonthly in order to maintain the proper pH. Abnormal pH due to low chlorine levels can facilitate the growth of algae and bacteria which can damage your swimming pool as well as pose health risks to you and your neighbors. Here are a few other pool maintenance tips to keep your pool water clean and sanitary during the off season.

Pump and filters

Run your pool pump for a few hours each day to keep water circulating. Stagnant water leads to increased algae, bacteria, and mosquito breeding. Check and clean your pool pump basket and skimmer basket to keep them free of leaves and debris so your filtration system will run properly.

Add an Algaecide

If you notice algae formation, add a shock treatment or algaecide specifically designed to remain in the pool water. By preventing extended periods of algae growth you will help save your pool liner and concrete, as well as save time when you’re ready to open your pool in the spring.

Add an Enzyme

Add an enzyme product during the off season to help break down non-living organic contaminates (bird droppings, pollen, etc.) that will inevitably make their way into your pool. The enzyme will help prevent a winter waterline ring, meaning less scrubbing in the spring when it’s time to open your pool.


Periodically check the cable on your winter pool cover or safety pool cover to make sure that it is tight. Making sure the cover is securely fastened will help keep wildlife out and prevent accidents with small children. A properly fitted safety cover will also mean cleaner water in the spring. While you want to keep some water on the cover to stabilize it in the wind, you don’t want any debris on your cover. Hose your pool cover regularly to remove twigs, leaves, and other debris that can build up and can cause your pool cover to be ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged.

The responsibilities of pool ownership do not stop during the off season when your pool is not in use. These are just a few tips to help you have an easier time opening your pool in the spring. If you would like more information about off season pool maintenance tips or have any other questions about your pool, give Clear Water a call today!