Chances are that cost is your top concern when considering the addition of a swimming pool to your home. When budgeting for your new pool you need to think beyond pool type, filtration system, and features to consider financial obligations you may not have even thought of. Don’t let these “hidden” costs bust your budget:



  • Dirt Hauling: Of course you know that a large hole must be dug for an inground swimming pool, but where are you going to put all that dirt? You may be able to dump it or spread it out somewhere on your land, but usually the dirt needs to be hauled away and legally disposed. Be sure to know beforehand if dirt hauling is included in the cost of your project.
  • Retaining Walls: Pricey but vitally important, retaining walls provide structural support for the pool or deck as well as proper yard drainage, including heavy rainfall and debris. Even if your yard is relatively flat, you may still need retaining walls. If it slopes, you can almost guarantee that you will. Settle on a set price for your retaining walls before you begin your pool project.


During Constuction:

  • Electrical: Electrical costs can vary based on how many items you are adding to the pool that require power as well as additional outlets or lighting. Some pool builders include electrical costs in their standard package, while others bill it separately. Be sure to know what to expect beforehand so you aren’t surprised with an additional invoice.
  • Fencing: Even if you don’t have small children in the household, almost every city requires your pool to be equipped with a safety fence or self-latching gate. Plan on having your fence installed as your swimming pool installation is coming to completion.



  • Extra Concrete: Don’t forget about the concrete patio around your pool. Do you want extra patio space beyond your pool’s 3′-4′ border? Basic concrete usually ranges from $4 – $20 per square foot and if you want specialty details such as custom tile work or travertine, your price will increase significantly.
  • Landscaping: A beautifully manicured lawn or thin driveway are no match for a pool installation. Heavy equipment accessing your pool site can cause extensive damage to your grass and/or driveway. After your pool is completed, you don’t want to have the eyesores of these damages affecting the enjoyment of your pool. You may need to seed or replace grass on the path to your pool, replace or repair your driveway, and/or invest in landscaping such as decorative plants and rocks around your deck and pool.


To prevent an enlarged final bill, think beyond the basic components of a pool when considering your pool budget. At Clear Water, we never surprise you with any “hidden” costs by happily outlining all expenses before we begin your pool project. Call us today and let’s get started on your dream pool!