You know you need basics like pumps, filters, and drains when you’re building your pool, but what about all the fun stuff? As the focal point of a backyard, you want your pool to really “wow” your family and friends. Create a space where you can play games, entertain, rest, and relax by incorporating a few of these design add-ons when building your pool.

Edges, Ledges, and Entries

Infinity (also called vanishing) edge pools aren’t just for exotic hotels. Your backyard pool can also have an edge that visually extends into the horizon. Lay out in the hot sun while simultaneously keeping cool with a tanning ledge spread a few inches below the water’s surface. Gradually ascend or descend into your pool with a gently sloping beach entry or dedicate an entire shallow area for play. Perfect for little ones who want to get wet without going into deeper water.

Interior Seating

If you love to entertain, make sure everyone has somewhere to sit. Think beyond lawn and patio seating! Build a bar directly into your pool space so you and your guests can stay cool in the pool while enjoying your favorite beverages. Add barstools, love seats, or benches directly to your pool and take your pool design to the next level.

Pool Spas

The most requested add-on to any pool design is a spa. Great for relieving tension and stress, they also add an element of luxury to any swimming pool environment. Plus, they extend the life of your swimming pool season since they can still be used in cold weather.

Water Slides and Diving Boards

Depending on how much space you have to work with, incorporating water slides and diving boards into your pool design will bring out the kid in everyone. Available in a variety of styles and lengths, waterslides can be added to almost any pool space with the right design. Blend them into the rocks and bushes to integrate seamlessly into your yard.

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers keep debris out of your pool when it is not in use and they reduce the possibility of algae formation. With an automatic pool cover, you can also relax knowing that your small children and pets are safe when they are near your pool but out of sight.

Why build a basic pool when you can create a backyard paradise? Call Clear Water to begin designing the pool of your dreams today!