You’ve decided to add the beautiful pool you’ve been dreaming of to your backyard. Now you want to know: “How long will it take to build my pool”? The timeframe can vary based on several factors including the design, time of year, geographic location, building inspectors, and unpredictable factors such as weather. Your construction process may take 4-6 weeks, but could take up to 8-12 weeks if you are planning an elaborate design and multiple details. Only after we visit your site and analyze your property, can we develop an overall project plan that will give you a more specific timeline.

Permits and Inspections

Before the installation process can begin, all required project permits must be obtained. It can take 2-4 weeks for the plan to be reviewed and a grading permit to be granted. It then typically takes another 1-2 weeks to obtain the building permit. At Clear Water, we are familiar with the permit process and can provide you with specific information for your area.


The hole for a typical pool can be dug in about 10 hours, but a large pool, a pool in a limited access area, or digging in rocky soil may take 2 days.


  • Framing and Plumbing: A rigid grid of reinforced steel bars are installed crossing over each other, like a cage, to create the backbone of your swimming pool. The PVC plumbing pipes are then installed.
  • Shotcrete/Gunite: Next, workers will spray a sand, cement, and water mixture (gunite) along with compressed air through a hose and nozzle onto the surface at a high velocity in a process is called shotcrete. They’ll then use trowels to hand sculpt the gunite before it is left to “cure” with timed sprinklers for up to one month.
  • Tile and Coping: Your selected decorative tile will be installed on the inside perimeter of your pool shell and your coping (the pool shelf wall around the edges) will be capped with your chosen stone or concrete material.
  • Pumps and Filtration Equipment: Your pump will circulate and filter your water by pulling water from the skimmer and main drain, pushing it through the filter, and returning it to the pool.
  • Plastering and Filling with Water: A mixing truck will mix the plaster in the color and texture you selected. Workers spray it on, hand trowel it, then wash it with a light acid. The pool is then immediately filled with water, before the plaster has a chance to dry out.

Balance Chemicals and Final Inspection

Improperly treated water eats away at your pool’s equipment, burns swimmers’ eyes, dries out their skin, and can breed disease-carrying microorganisms. At Clear Water, we will make sure your pool has the perfect chemical balance and show you how to maintain it yourself. Finally, a building inspector will issue you a certificate of occupancy after verifying that your pool is safe and up to code.

Why Choose Clear Water?

From the first day of construction through your pool’s completion, one of our company’s owners will personally supervise and inspect every phase of the construction to ensure that your pool receives the expert attention you deserve. Our workers are professionally trained to get the job done right and are always respectful of your yard and surroundings. Are you ready to build the pool of your dreams? Call us today and let’s get started.